Traffic Solutions for Boca

Dear Neighbor,

Boca Raton has serious traffic issues. Andy Thomson has the professional background and leadership experience to bring solutions.

  • A proven problem solver who is already working on traffic solutions with the Palm Beach County Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Has a degree in engineering, worked in a civil engineering firm, and has experience in urban and transportation planning and traffic studies
  • Will work to oversee the use of the County’s 1-penny sales tax and ensure funding goes to solving Boca’s transportation issues
  • Growing up, Andy enjoyed coming to Boca’s parks and beaches and he will ensure our families can easily do the same

Andy Thomson has the engineering, legal, and consensus-building experience needed to serve Boca Raton. Watch the video below to hear Andy discuss his plans and don’t forget to vote Andy Thomson for Boca Raton City Council, Seat B!

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